Day 11: Crescent City - Arcata
Saturday, September 17, 2005

78.67 @ 15.4 = 5:06'21, max: 33.1, trip total: 848.6

50° - 60° with severe fog, only a few rays of sun broke through during the day

pop-tarts (sans frosting), 2 eggs, sausage, pancakes, hash browns, Drop Top Amber Ale, fish and chips

Eureka KOA, $3.79 p/p

Punishment was being handed out today- back and forth. It was a blast. I wanted to get in a fast day in order to have more time at the end of the day so Tim and I headed out early. We kept each other in check and didn't let the relentless climbs get the best of us. It was up and down most of the day except for the last 10 miles.

As we headed out of Crescent City- the fog was so heavy you could only see 100 yards- it was cold and damp. So damp, that it was drizzling as we rolled out. Luckily it wasn't really cold, but certainly not warm either.

Not soon after starting we hit the first major climb- through the fog we couldn't even see that we were up against a mountain- and we climbed for about five or seven miles. And we had the joy of fixing a flat, having a CO2 cartridge fail, and take our first pee break. It was grand- a climb without an end. But it was early and we excited to get moving. And so we went for about 20 more miles - up and down through the redwoods. Huge trunks and even larger views. Hard to photograph because you can't get far enough away from them to really show the perspective - they shoot straight up like skyscrapers in a dense city. And the sounds are absorbed from every direction- and add the fog- it looked like a scene from a star wars movie.

The rest of the day continued with heavy fog except for a small amount of sun that came out just in time for some photo opps.

The coast line and the trees - they were beyond description and certainly beyond any picture - it was a total 360° experience.

We cranked out through the morning and then ate an amazing breakfast at mile 40ish. It was the best breakfast ever. And Tim had a huge slice of pie - chocolate cream with a ton of whip cream, it was probably 7 inches tall. I knew I'd regret not having any, we discussed it and sure enough it was only a matter of time (maybe 5 minutes) when I was thinking that I shoulda had some. Then again I did have a healthy meal and couldn't really fit anymore. Oh well, live and learn. It's not common that I pass up something good to eat. Anyway, I will get over it. Maybe.

video clip: ocean rocks - lots of 'em »

After breakfast Tim put on the hurt and kept it on for miles on end. It was exhilarating. I returned the favor in the last stretches until we made into camp. It was a fast ride considering the terrain. We must have done a dozen good size climbs - two of them over 1000 feet - and the downhills unfortunately were cautioned with wet pavement and such dense fog you couldn't tell when the turns were coming until you were on them. And we decided to spare the off road adventure today.

It was nice to get to camp early - chill out - set up everyone's tent - have a beer (or two) - shower up - and still have some daylight to enjoy. But it was also exciting to fly down the road with Tim, really pushing ourselves and feeling it. It was a great day despite the wonderful views that were lost to the fog. At one point we both looked out over a cliff - maybe 500 feet above the ocean , as we rode by, and pondered if maybe it was really just a chicken farm out there. it was all white and we couldn't see crap. But we didn't hear any chickens either. And the when we could see something we looked in awe.



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