Day 16: OFF @ San Francisco
Thursday, September 22, 2005

not too important... nice, blue skies, warm

cookies, burrito, jamba juice, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Anchor Steam, burger, potato salad, squash

Matt & Kate's

A day off in San Fran was really like a day of bumming around. REI, Chipotle, Berkeley, the Wharf, Lombard Street- all of the touristy things with a side of laziness.

We slept in late, ate little, and hardly motivated to do anything specific. But it was a much needed break. Cruising around without much of a plan.

The main items we accomplished were to get bike parts and act like people on vacation. All was good. We made our way around not knowing exactly where we were headed or what we were doing.

We saw the sights and made it back to the house by dinner time. Matt and Kate were superb hosts and made a great meal for all of us. We traded stories and talked about the upcoming route while we ate and drank in a comfy home. It was excellent to be at ease.

There were rumblings about how to get rolling in the morning- time, place, coordination, packing, etc. Now it's time to sleep- and get ready for the rest of the adventure.


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