Day 02:
Deception Pass State Park - Silverdale
Thursday, September 8, 2005

78.49 @ 14.5 = 5:23'59, max: 42.1, trip total: 151.3

cool, sunny with a ton of fog throughout the morning - so much that at times all you could see was the yellow line on the road.

banana, breakfast burrito, potato chips, cookies, PB&J, MGD, DQ cookie dough Blizzard, fries, tacos al carbon

Cimarron Motor Inn, $29.12 p/p

We got up later than expected but we got less sleep than expected. Apparently this beautiful state park is also in close proximity to a Navy base that has "night training" routinely. It was like being in the middle of a war zone. Numerous jets flying in patterns throughout the night, which to me felt like they were doing figure eights right above us at mach 7. It was no joke, and it lasted forever. After a while it almost became comical- such a nice spot to camp and get away from the noise of the big city. Anyway, we did get up and start to pack all our gear.

We got on the road by about 8:15. It was cool but certainly not as chilly as I thought it would be. No gloves needed and with a jacket I was totally fine. It was another great day. We followed some fields and then took a coastal road which took us right into the fog. It was just rolling in off the sea- so intensely that it left you wondering about the view. And as it blew through you would get patches of dense fog- and that made it difficult to even see anything much beyond about 50 feet. It was interesting to forge forward without really knowing how large a hill you were climbing or if there was a hill at all just up ahead.

As far as the riders, seems like everyone is cranking through. There were plenty of hills. Many more than I thought there would be on the route today. They were pretty constant all day long with only a few of the shorter sections going through farm land. As I look through the photos I'm starting to realize that it's easier to take pix when you're not going up a hill or screaming down one. So it looks like a flat day. It wasn't - far from it.

We also encountered our first "Road Closed" sign. It told us that 2 miles up there was no through traffic. But it was right at this section of road that looked amazing- right along the water. So I headed in to see if it was passable - and success! It really wasn't all that bad- only about 100 yards of packed dirt.

There was a ferry ride about half way through the day - which was extremely scenic- with the fog rolling in and out. Not being able to see where we were going our destination came out of the fog and revealed this old waterfront town- Port Townsend. It was gorgeous and would have been nice to stroll through all the old streets but we had much of the riding left to do - and as we found out, the hardest part of the ride was yet to come.

{Lots of hills right here} {More hills}
Too many to count. Some were steep and others not as steep. They punished us relentlessly as we looked to complete the day. With that in sight we kept pushing ahead.

So rolling into Silverdale we were all running a little low-- that's when we headed to Dairy Queen. The perfect pick me up- a large cookie dough blizzard and large fries. Tim and I sat back re-living the day and the laughs of being on the road.

I had planned to eat better today and looking back on that, I did, but not by much. The breakfast burrito was a start- but then just about everything else until dinner was junk. It's gotta be harder to ride as well with such a lack of good food and energy. Maybe tomorrow will be the day- of course I could start in Portland- when we get there. It's not that I don't want to eat better but it's hard to get the right food on the road.

One of the running jokes in the group is a question from a magazine quiz: "Are your friends hot looking?" When you're asked by a friend to answer this question, and you say NO, well, you can see how the balance of life can be thrown off. And there might be a case to establish that "hot" and "hot looking" are two different things. Anyway- probably one of those things that may not translate well.

What not to do: throw out your motel room key. As if that was ever in question.

Tonight Jason is driving down to Portland and picking up Heather and Kate which will both be designated drivers as we head in to Portland over the course of the next three days. That'll be a great help so we won't need to maneuver the driving and biking. So they'll be back up in the morning when we head out for the day.

Off to sleep now - 11pm. Tomorrow is surely going to strain the system. With each day the cumulative effort will be more than just noticeable- it will start to take it's toll.


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