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Thanks To So Many
It's been a long time in the making. And along the way there have been many people that have inspired us and contributed to our goal. We thank you.

Support: Family and friends. I can't say enough. Thanks!

Getting There: Airport delivery started two days early -- since I flew out of Hartford, Connecticut -- so thanks for the drive up Todd. And the 5:30am race to the gate. Sorry to get you up late! And also to Carmen and Carlos for letting us crash at your home. The two hours of sleep was wonderful. Thanks to Carlitos (they're 7 month old) for waking us up- after my alarm failed.

Drivers: Heather, Kate, Bill, Jessica, and others. We are fortunate to get the help from friends and family to keep pace with us in the minivan (SAG vehicle) while we venture southward.

Stays: We're lucky to have a place to stay in both Portland (Ian & Kate) and San Francisco (Matt & Kate). This comes at especially great points on the trip - both rest days and the largest cities we travel through.

Team: Everyone riding - it's a great group - and lots of personalities.

Training: For all the countless hours of riding - through interval Thursdays and longer Total200 "training rides" to running all different paces and loops. You know who you are- pushing me and keeping the guilt high when I tried to skip out.. and well, especially when I didn't show. Just to make sure I didn't skip again.

Music: I dare not list everyone that has contributed to my 20 GBs + of mp3's -- but they all add to the flavor of my playlists. The new ones are greatly appreciated- from latin rhythms to comedy skits. The older ones- classics that will feel like I'm riding with an old friend.

Shorts: Thanks to Tim my bike shorts made it out to the ride. Just one detail I missed when I was packing. How, I don't know- I'm just glad they're back with me.

Graphics: Aaron gets the credit for the design of the masthead - after asking, I ripped it off because it looked pretty cool and for as much as I wanted to create a whole new brand, uh yeah, I ran into some time constraints.

Work Support: Taking a month off isn't easy- not without the right people to cover for you. Don't worry I'll be back.

Experience: I've been lucky to have so many partners join me on these adventures and rely on me in the past, even when I knew as little as they did. I look forward to sharing what I know with the new crew. As I said to Dan some years ago, "If you see a tornado there are two rules. 1. Tell me. and 2. Go the other way." I've learned more than that I promise.