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We made it!
From Canada to Mexico - down the west coast, for the most part. With some stretches on the interior of Oregon and through the southern California desert - just for kicks.

Updates were made as we traveled on our journey adding text entries, pix, and videos. As with previous journals, read at your own risk-- language and content is spontaneous and at times gramatically correct. But this will give you a taste of what we went through. Overall it was about 1950 miles from border to border. All in 22 days of biking. Plus 2 rest days (one in Portland and one in San Fran).

Online Journals
Eric's Thoughts and Images
Follow the day by day journal by choosing a day from the pull-down menu above.

Other Journals
Aarons Journal
Melba's Blogger
Tim's Updates

Team x10
The full team is made up of 10 riders from DC, Utah, Washington, and Oregon. Three of us went the whole way and the others varied in distance. Check out all the riders.

Right to left: Eric, Aaron, and Tim on a training ride - Eric sporting the glow in the dark team jersey.

As we have discovered already- the milage and specific locations were only an ESTIMATE of the actual route (final stats are NOW documented in the journal and below).

Phase 1: Sept 7-11
Start in Vancouver
1. 72m to Deception Pass
2. 78m to Silverdale
3. 74m to Elma
4. 83m to Castle Rock
5. 80m to Portland
6. OFF @ Portland

Phase 2: Sept 13-21
7. 119m to Junction City
8. 93m to Winchester Bay
9. 87m to Port Orford
10. 80m to Crescent City
11. 79m to Arcata
12. 87m to Benbow
13. 74m to Mendocino
14. 85m to Jenner
15. 88m to San Francisco
16. OFF @ San Francisco

Phase 3: Sept 23-30
17. 82 to Aptos
18. 97m to Lucia
19. 85m to San Luis Obispo
20. 91m to Cuyama
21. 107m to Palmdale
22. 124m to Yucca Valley
23. 89m to Mecca
24. 88m to Mexicali


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